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 AI Service Champion

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Hi! My name is Jean-Luc.

I will be your Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service Champion today.


Which hosting plan would you like with your FREE website?


We're basically offering a promotional service this summer. Get a FREE professional website designed. Only 1 condition... you host it with us. We have 3 great hosting plans you'll choose from.


Now, what type of website do you want for this [field57] plan?

Here's your order summary: 
  • Hosting Plan: [field57]
  • Website Type: [field78]
  • Your Cost: [field80]/month
Shall we begin?
Select a Hosting Planpick one
Select a Website Typepick one
Okay... Ready to Order?

I see. I tell you what, let me schedule some time when we can talk to you about this opportunity and answer any question you may have. Fair enough?

Pick a Datefor your meeting
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Time Zonepick one!
Othertime zone

Now, let me have your information, and you'll be all set, okay?

So.. Is it...
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Is this valid?

Ok. I've captured everything we need to get started (at least for now). Sending you an email at [field47]. Please confirm that this is correct so I can send it right away.

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