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to make the most out of your website visitors.

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE their activities on your site.

    Build a system or platform where you are able to make your web visitors know that you are aware of their presence on your website, especially when they have downloaded or submitted information respectively from and to you.

    * Send/display a thank-you note after data submission.
    * Confirm receipt of their transaction on your website.

  2. GIVE them space and offer more assistance.

    Follow-up by staying on the same topic they came in the website for. In other words, don't give them a muffin when they're looking for a cake.

    * Offer more assistance and wait 'til it's time to sell.

  3. SELL in the Micro-Moment.

    While you give them time to be well informed, learn their most important paint point to make the best sales pitch. Then, sell your products or services in a way that suits your customers best.

    * Sell when they most need it.

In sum, focus on strategically increasing engagement with your website visitors by following these key points:

  • Be there to acknowledge them
  • Be useful when they research
  • Be quick to sell when they need you
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